As a client of United Electric, expect cost-effective and on-time service: We provide
  • highly trained and experienced electricians and technicians
  • ongoing support from office staff through life of project
  • emergency and maintenance 24/7
Industrial Design & Build

Full service and attention, from design to final inspection.

  • Full-plant relocation or renovation
  • Equipment installation or modernization

Commercial Electrical Installations

Innovative solutions for your timeline and budget.

Organizations and businesses that have benefited from our expertise include:

  office buildings
community centres
veterinary clinics
  retail outlets
property management companies
dental/medical offices


Our service teams of certified voice and data installers are capable of handling the full range of communication requirements for network cabling.

  • Fibre, CAT 6, UTP, Co-ax (and others)
  • Equipment installations (RAN and CORE)
  • Civil and ground works for cellular wireless
  • Site line and antenna upgrades and installations
Service and Maintenance

Emergency Service:
We provide round the clock 24/7 service. Our service people are prepared to respond to any type of emergency, from something as simple as a tripped breaker to a complete system failure. When you need us we’ll be there.

We can help you retrofit and modernize electrical systems, and upgrade to more efficient lighting technologies.

we install full system power metering to help our clients understand their own power consumption better, and use infrared technology (FLIR Systems) to predict possible failures and safety concerns. Reports generated through these services enable us to be proactive in scheduling maintenance, preventing potential emergency situations.

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